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ADP Workforce Now: Human Capital Management (HCM) solution for businesses with 50 or more employees.

From basic payroll and helping with Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance, to managing employees across borders, ADP Workforce Now is a simple, powerful solution that helps companies with 50 or more employees improve their business performance.

Innovation in Action

What is innovation? It’s a design that delivers a simple, powerful experience. It’s field-testing usability with experts from our ADP Innovation Lab and clients. It’s a cloud-based platform that can be instantly updated with new features, a leading mobile app, and an open API library that makes integrating with other business programs a snap. That’s ADP Workforce Now…innovation in action.

Rock-Solid Security

How secure is your Human Resources data? Our commitment to clients goes beyond great looking solutions. It also means securing your Human Resources data. We own and operate two state-of-the-art Tier 4 data centers that meet the highest standards for security. We are ISO 9000 and 27001 certified for quality and security process management and we support our infrastructure with a world-class global security organization. Simply put, with ADP you don’t have to worry about where your data is. You can rest assured it’s within our secure ecosystem.

Using Data for Better Decision-Making

Isn’t it time you ran your business more effectively? With deeper insights into what’s driving costs and an executive dashboard showing you 24 key performance metrics, ADP Workforce Now can help you work more efficiently, actively manage costs, streamline your financials, and help you comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Software + Service = The Perfect Combination.

Who do you turn to for great service and advice? When it comes to service, advice, and guidance, there’s a big difference between a software package and a true business partner. ADP offers both. From simple setup and ongoing support, to assisting your Human Resources department with expertise and guidance, you’re backed by a team of experts every step of the way. From pioneering the automation of payroll more than six decades ago, to providing tax credit services, our specialists are committed to your business success.

Compliance Expertise

How do you keep up with change? Today’s business landscape has an increasingly growing number of compliance requirements. This means businesses must keep pace with a changing payroll, tax and wage, and hour laws or risk costly fines and penalties. Having a Human Resources partner who can help keep track of these changes and help you stay compliant is essential to running a successful business.

Advantages: Built For The Way You Work

For Business Owners

For Business Owners

Are your infrastructure management solutions delivering what your company really needs?

For Human Resources Professionals

For Human Resources Professionals

Would you prefer to focus on strategy or time-intensive manual tasks?

For Finance Professionals

For Finance Professionals

Are you looking for greater insight, intelligence, and options to help bring results to your P&L?



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