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If you aren't continually searching for quality recruits, you may sideline your company's success. Take a lesson from the NFL on building the best team possible.




Relieving the Pressure: The PEO Approach to
Navigating Compliance & Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Companies seeking to compete in today’s business climate face more intense pressure than in years past. Change is everywhere—from technology advances to regulatory and compliance demands—and companies must be able to adapt in order to survive.

Earlier this year, the ADP Research Institute, a specialized group within ADP, conducted two surveys. The first survey assessed the most pressing business concerns, key competitive strategies and confidence levels in terms of HR compliance of more than 250 small and mid-size businesses. For comparison, the ADP Research Institute also interviewed clients of ADP’s PEO solution, ADP TotalSource®, to measure the impact that their partnership with a PEO had on these topics.

So how does your company measure up? As revealed by the study, your peers determined three essential strategies for maintaining a competitive edge in the face of today’s challenges:

  • Hiring top talent
  • Maximizing employee productivity
  • Keeping overhead low

With ADP TotalSource as your business partner, you can rest assured that you will be able to find ways to overcome the challenges of employee management by:

  • Gaining expertise in every level of employee productivity
  • Sharing responsibilities with a leading authority on employment risk
  • Scaling up or down with minmal impact on your infrastructure
  • Gaining a procurement model to optimize your benefits and employee services offering like a Fortune 500® company

Care to benchmark your greatest business concerns and compliance confidence against that of our survey respondents?

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* 69% of workers don’t feel fully engaged at work. Source: BlessingWhite 2011 Employee Engagement Report, Hewitt Associates.
* The others? Their employers average 12% higher profits over industry peers. Source: Employee Engagement, What's Your Engagement Ratio? Gallup Consulting, 2008.

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ADP TotalSource®

Looking to Score
New Talent?

Take a lesson from the NFL®
on how to build the best team possible.

HR teams spend nearly half of their
time on routine administrative tasks.

What if they could use that time to improve
employee performance

69% of workers don’t feel
fully engaged at work.

The others? Their employers average
12% higher profits over industry peers.