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Win the war for talent.

Over half of multinationals plan to grow their international workforce this year, yet 40% say they’re failing to access external sources of talent, expertise and technology. ADP can help you to better align your talent with your global business goals through an enhanced recruiting, development, compensation, retention and succession strategy.

Contain costs and increase efficiency

Multinational companies that standardize global business solution processes save an average of 26%. If the savings isn’t enough to convince you, how about increased simplicity? The average multinational firm uses 20 HR and payroll systems – that’s too many. ADP helps you lower costs, free up high-value employees and smooth day-to-day operations by eliminating the complexity caused by having multiple platforms, applications and vendors.

Reduce your compliance risks.

More than a third of multinationals currently manage headcount using manual processes, while nearly a quarter are engaging in labor-intensive talent management efforts. Managing an organization manually can introduce significant risks at a time when over 50% of companies are already reporting global compensation and payroll compliance issues. ADP has experts in over 70 countries, who are dedicated to helping you stay compliant, keeping you one step ahead of legislative changes with our global business solutions.

*A 38% increase in profit per employee? - CedarCrestone, 2010
*Cut costs by up to 40%. - NelsonHall, 2005
*Would you like to save 80% on legal costs? - ADP, 2010
*For every 14 companies, only 1 has a mature global talent strategy in place. - Bersin & Associates, June 2010


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ADP’s in-country experts provide local knowledge and experience combined with a deep commitment to service, making doing business in one or more countries other than your own feel a lot less foreign.

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How we can help:

Global HCM

ADP GlobalView® provides you a way to easily manage your entire global workforce using a single, comprehensive set of fully integrated human capital management services.

Multinational Payroll

ADP Streamline® gives you a simple means for managing your single- or multi-country payroll and HR services administration.

Standalone Services

Explore ADP’s global services in Human Capital Management, Payroll, Talent Management, Human Resource Management, Benefits Administration, Time & Attendance.

Solutions for Multinational Businesses

ADP makes doing business in other countries a lot less foreign.

The challenges of managing a global workforce are formidable, and the pressures are real. ADP can help.

A 38% increase in profit per employee?

Yes. Just by adopting a global human capital management strategy with ADP.

Cut costs by up to 40%.

HR outsourcing with ADP gets you simplicity plus savings.

Would you like to save 80% on legal costs?

That’s how much less ADP clients spend compared to the average Fortune 500 company.

For every 14 companies, only 1 has a mature global talent strategy in place.

ADP can help you join that exclusive club.