Pre-Employment Services and Employee Screening

Pre-Employment Services Overview

An integrated solution, ADP's Pre-Employment Services streamlines your entire talent acquisition workflow.

By connecting processes and reducing inefficiencies, ADP lets your human resources staff focus on attracting, engaging, screening, deploying, and retaining top talent. The result? A more efficient hiring process that drives improved performance.

Gain competitive advantage and improve performance
Today, organizations compete on a global scale to hire the best people. ADP delivers the capabilities needed to win the best candidates. The ADP solution is built around on-demand technology and supported by ADP’s screening and compliance expertise. It’s designed to quickly increase productivity, generate competitive hiring advantage, and offer a rapid return on investment.

With ADP:

  • Align your strategies for acquiring, managing, screening, deploying, and retaining talent
  • Streamline your entire hiring process and minimize process redundancies
  • Reduce overall compliance risk
  • Increase your return on investment (ROI) from tax credit and incentive programs
  • Support company-wide hiring processes with defined business rules, personalized workflows, and advanced security measures
  • Meet changing needs using a hosted, on-demand platform

Recruitment, screening and tax credit solutions from ADP are flexible, scalable and can be configured to meet the needs of your business.

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