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Achieve Medical Practice Optimization

Imagine if you could automate both the business administration and clinical processes of your practice enabling you to focus more on patient care. You can. 

Introducing the first, complete Medical Practice Optimization (MPO) solution for private practices and medical billing companies. These new services include online medical scheduling, electronic insurance verification, patient check-in, charting, electronic prescribing, and revenue cycle management, building on our wide range of HRpayroll, tax and benefits administration solutions.  

Ranked among the top ten medical practice management software (PM) and electronic health records (EHR/EMR software) solutions, the ADP AdvancedMD cloud-based medical billing software gives you a complete paperless practice, enabling you to easily work across the clinical and financial areas from a single, integrated solution, improving staff productivity and practice profitability. Learn more about our software solutions for medical practices

The Right Billing Outsourcing Solutions, Right in Your Backyard

Are the distractions of billing and claims management taking time away from health care? Having more time and focus to manage the clinical side of your practice is a powerful benefit to you and your patients. As an optional service, we can match you with our network of local billing services and provide three quotes for free. Together, we’ll get the job done. Learn more about working with a proven, experienced medical billing service

Partner with Us and Grow Your Medical Billing Business

If your claims processing software is holding you back due to numerous manual steps and high first-submission denial rates, your business will benefit from the ADP AdvancedMD revenue management platform. Not only do you gain access to a labor saving, profit-improving technology platform, you gain access to a unique partner program that offers a range of marketing and sales support programs designed to help you grow faster. When you combine your medical billing expertise and customer service, with our highly automated billing platform, your business gains a competitive advantage that is worth investigating. Learn more about the AdvanceBiller partner program.

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