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We will need to obtain the information below in order to determine the fit of your company with the ADP software and technology alliance program. Without this information, we will not be able to determine if an alliance partnership would be beneficial. Please also note that ADP is not able to partner with all prospective partners participating in this process.

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Customer Base

How many customers do you currently serve?


How many new customers do you sell a year?


What is the average annual revenue that your business receives from your customers?


What are the profiles of your customers? (size in revenue and employees, industries, geographic coverage)


What are some of your primary marketing channels?


What sales channels do you have in place?


How many field and inside sales people do you have?


How many customer service people do you have?


What products and services do you provide?


Do you have products or services that you consider complementary to ADP’s products?


Are you seeking integration with ADP products? (if yes, in what way?)


Are your products/services billed in a recurring revenue model?


Do you currently support strategic alliances with other companies?


How are these deals typically structured? (business model, channel model)


What sort of goals do you have for these programs?


What type of alliance are you seeking with ADP?


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