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Software / Technology Alliances

ADP partners with best-of-breed software and technology organizations that bring value to their customers and the marketplace. The value ADP is seeking from an alliance is to leverage a partner’s channels, customer base, product portfolio and brand. In turn, ADP can offer similar benefits back to the partner. Whether you are interested in leveraging ADP’s workforce management solutions on a standalone, integrated or embedded basis, there are many benefits to partnering with ADP.

As alliance partners, we will work together to:

  • Offer full end-to-end business management solutions without the partner carrying the burden of creating, managing and maintaining expertise and compliance in employer services areas
  • Increase partner focus and resources on core business areas, while ADP solves for non-core employer related areas
  • Drive incremental revenue and profit on service areas traditionally difficult to achieve success in
  • Leverage the brand, marketing and distribution power of ADP to make a substantial market impact
  • Increase partner customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention

What this partnership means to your customer(s):

  • Leverage a single trusted provider to solve all of your business needs
  • Increase productivity by sharing vital information across business management solutions (eg. integration and data synchronization)
  • Attain peace of mind from deep expertise in HR, payroll tax & compliance areas

Workforce Management Solutions:

  • HR Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Time & Labor Management
  • Expense & Travel Management
  • Screening and Selection Services

Interested in learning more? Contact us about becoming a software and technology partner.