Broker Insurance

Broker / Insurance Alliances

ADP understands that companies of all sizes rely on their broker for guidance and resources. ADP creates alliances with well-respected and influential brokers to help them contribute even more powerfully to their clients' success. If you are one of these brokers, there are many ways that you can benefit from partnering with ADP.

Combined Strengths
Your specialty is employee benefits.  Ours is cutting edge technology solutions and improving efficiency and productivity. Together, with your experience and our proven results, we can dramatically increase a clients’ return on investment (ROI) through demonstrably better cost control, productivity, efficiency, labor costs and overall employee satisfaction.

Human Resource Management

  • Benefits Administration

A Marriage of Technology & Services
A broker builds and sustains personal relationships with clients and therefore knows as well as they the challenges faced.  They also see opportunities.  ADP’s workforce management solutions help make those opportunities viable. This combination of interpersonal strength and technology brings unsurpassed value to your clients and prospects.

  • Payroll Management
  • Time & Labor Management
  • Expense & Travel Management
  • Screening and Selection Services
  • 401(k)/Retirement Services

Tax & Regulatory Compliance
The world of HR is a minefield of tax and regulatory compliance issues.  It’s one thing to stay abreast of the changes.  It’s another to incorporate each change into the necessary communications and tracking processes.  Most companies cannot do either on their own. Together we smoothly assume this tremendous burden.

  • Tax & Compliance Services

The best way to keep clients is to exceed their expectations.  With ADP, you’re not just another broker firm.  You have significant added value.  Plus, we provide a more efficient way to manage and communicate benefits, thus helping your clients retain their most valuable asset- their employees.

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