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Affordable Care Act


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The ACA is complex, but we’re here to help. Stay on top of the latest ACA requirements with updates and insights from certified experts.

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Four ACA Compliance Challenges Still Impacting Employers

Our latest ADP study has revealed that even six years after the ACA was signed into law, employers are still wrestling with core ACA-related challenges. Download this paper to find out more.


What is Tax Form 1095-C? Education for Employees

New for the 2015 tax year, many employees will receive an annual reporting tax form (1095-C) from their employer, which contains information they may need to submit with their 2015 federal income tax returns. When can employees expect to see this form and what do they need to know about it?


ACA Best Practices: Avoiding IRS Penalties – Why Acting Now Can Save You Penalty Dollars Later

Register for this webinar and get critical insights the implications of receiving a Marketplace Notice, the latest IRS information on penalty relief, and what’s coming up for the remainder of 2016 and 2017.


Employer Communications Toolkit for Annual Reporting (Requires Client Login)

Visit this client-only toolkit that provides everything you need to communicate about Form 1095-C to your employees including pre-written materials available for download, such as posters, postcard, table tent, email campaign and infographic.


Form 1095-C Guide for Employers

Visit this guide for information about Form 1095-C, including an infographic, helpful next steps and FAQs.


Is a Private Exchange Right for Me? Things to consider...

Employees continue to report that their benefits play a major role in how financially secure they feel. How you deliver these benefits, however, needs to fit your organization’s needs. View this infographic to see the breakdown of the costs and benefits of a Private Exchange.


ACA Best Practices: Why You Can’t Take a Vacation From Affordable Care Act Compliance

Listen to this webinar and get critical insights on some of the key findings of the past year, what other organizations are doing right… wrong, and what’s coming up for the remainder of 2016 and 2017.


The Mountain of Government Regulations

Mounting regulations can mean a heavier compliance lift for businesses of all sizes. Read this article highlighting the compliance and ACA findings from the ADP Midsized Business Owners Study, including tips on how executives can address compliance concerns.


ACA Special Edition Webcast: King v Burwell

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued its decision in King v. Burwell. What does the ruling mean for business owners, HR directors and benefits providers? Is IRS information reporting still required? Could Congress step in and propose changes to the existing ACA law? Check out the ACA Special Edition webcast for answers.


ACA Compliance – What Employers Are and Are Not Doing

While employers that are affected by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have had several years to prepare to meet the law’s complex requirements, an important question is: how prepared is your organization to demonstrate compliance?


Infographic - Exchange Notices: Clarifying a Complex Process

If you’re an employer with over 50 employees, and one decides to seek subsidized health coverage from an Insurance Marketplace/Exchange, you’ll likely face a complex web of paperwork, regulations, and processes driven by Exchange Notices. How you respond to Exchange Notices makes all the difference between remaining compliant with Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations, and facing significant penalties.


Health Care Reform Management: Solving the Complexity of ACA Annual Reporting

2016 marks the first year employers will have to report of health coverage offered to employees under the "Shared Responsibility" provision of the ACA. What are your responsibilities and how will you meet them?


The ACA is in Effect: Potholes to Avoid and New Challenges Down the Road

Employer implementation of various ACA requirements, including the ACA’s Employer Shared Responsibility rules, is fully underway. What you should consider for your 2015 and beyond ACA "to do" list.


Compliance with Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other Regulations is a Top Concern for Midsized Businesses

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold most of the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has vaulted Health Care Reform issues to the top of the list of concerns affecting midsized businesses. Review the findings that highlight the need for continued vigilance in the area of compliance.


Infographic - Solving the Complexity of ACA Annual Reporting

Now is the time to start recording information about health coverage so you stay in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).


ACA Compliance – What Employers Are and Are Not Doing

While employers that are affected by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have had several years to prepare to meet the law’s complex requirements, an important question is: how prepared is your organization to demonstrate compliance?


Mitigate Your Exposure to ACA “Shared Responsibility” Penalties

How well you keep up with changes to the ACA law can affect how much you may have to pay in ACA tax penalties.  


Learn the best strategies for maintaining compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Watch presentations by ADP's health care reform experts and case studies from real clients who have used ADP to successfully navigate the ACA.

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Read about the latest health care reform news, developments, and trends from ADP’s experts on the front lines of regulatory compliance and the Affordable Care Act.

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Search our easy-to-read abstracts to find reports and white papers with timely and useful information on compliance.

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