Logging in the first time


Use the steps below the first time you log in to the EasyPayNet application.


To access the EasyPayNet application the first time:


1.       Your EasyPayNet service representative will call you.  He or she will provide you with the following items so you can access your system.  You can record them here:


·         Temporary user ID: ____________________________


·         Password of the day*:___________________________


·         Permanent client code:__________________________


·         Permanent service center ID:_____________________


* The password is only valid on the day specified by your service representative.


2.       Press the CAPS LOCK key to turn on Caps Lock.  You will need this to enter your client code and service center ID (which must be entered in upper case).


3.       Access the ADP EasyPayNet Login Page (see previous page) using your browser.  The ADP EasyPayNet Login Page-EasyPayNet screen appears.


4.       Type the user ID, password, client code and service center ID that you obtained in step 1.  (Use upper case for all alpha characters in the client code and service center ID.)  Then, client OK.  The New User Info screen appears.


5.       Type your new user ID and then your new password twice.  You will use this user ID and password from this point forward.  The alphanumeric user ID is a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 30 characters.  The alphanumeric password is a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 30 characters.  Your password must contain at least one number, which cannot be the first or last character (a sample password is “easy2pay”).  Your user ID and password are highly confidential.  You should take care to protect them (for example, don’t share them with anyone, leave them in plain view or use passwords that are easily guessed).  Click OK.  The EasyPayNet Home Page will appear. 





Entering and submitting payroll information


To enter and submit payroll information:


1.       Access the ADP easyPayNet Login Page using your Web browser.  The ADP EasyPayNet Login Page – EasyPayNet screen appears.


2.       Type your user ID, password, client code (upper case), and service center ID (upper case).  (Login information is case sensitive.  For example, if you establish your password in all caps, you must use all caps to log in successfully.)  Click OK.  The EasyPayNet Home Page appears.


3.       Click the Start Payroll Now button and complete the questionnaire.


4.       Enter your payroll.






When entering a payroll that will not require any changes, you can complete your payroll in five clicks:


  1. Click on the Start Payroll Now button


  1. Review the Start Payroll Now Checklist and click continue


  1. Click on the Review and Submit tab


  1. Click on the Submit Payroll button


  1. Confirm the steps and click on Submit Payroll


When entering a payroll that will require changes, use the following tabs to make changes to your payroll:


·          Edit Company – this is where you can add and delete users, add additional companies, departments or memo lines and benefit information.


·          Edit Employees – This is where you add and terminate employees and modify any permanent employee information such as salaries, hourly rates, names, addresses, etc.


·          Schedule Payroll – This is where you can modify the period end and check dates, add a check stub message, suppress direct deposit for the whole company and activate and deactivate deductions for the whole company.


·          Enter Payroll – This is where you enter your pay information and record manual, void and precalculated checks.   You can enter pay information through Pay Details or use the EzEntry feature, which is a spreadsheet format way to quickly pay your employees.  Enter Payroll is also where you pre-fill your pay information, if you didn’t already choose to have it pre-filled in the Start Payroll Now Checklist. 


·          Review and Submit – This is where you review your payroll totals and submit your payroll. 




Deadlines for payroll submissions


To take advantage of same-day processing, you must submit your payroll information to the service center by 3:00 pm ET.  Payrolls submitted after this time will not be processed until the next business day.  Payroll submissions are not allowed during our system’s blackout periods from 2:00 am to 5:00 am ET.  System maintenance is performed during these periods and the processing system will be unavailable.