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At ADP Solutions Private LTD we aim to challenge our associates, by giving them interesting work that exercises their intellect, experience and skills. To achieve our aim of delivering world-class software applications and services, our associates are exposed to the latest technologies, techniques and practices.

Our managers do not believe that they have a monopoly on good ideas. Their function is to foster the talent of the individuals who work with them and to provide the guidance necessary to unleash each individual's potential.

Our organization structure is designed to encourage excellent communication. We do not bother with layers of hierarchy as we believe that this hinders progress. Instead we empower our associates to make decisions and trust that they will make the right decisions. As you can know by now, working at ADP Solutions is not the usual humdrum work environment!

We are keen to recognize the talents of individual associates and to put real career progression back in the hands of the associate. If you want responsibility we are prepared to give it to you and let you be accountable for moving your own career ahead.

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