ADP Private LTD Lines of Business

ADP Private LTD Lines of Business

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The India operations provide complete range of software development and technical support services as well as solution center services, which involve back-office operations covering both voice and non-voice processes. ADP Private Limited (ADP India) operations can be classified into four areas:

  • Product Development (R&D)
  • Solution Center Services (BPO)
  • Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)
  • Global Security Organization (GSO)

Product Development

The Product Development team develops the technologies that form the foundation for ADP’s products and services. They also create the most advanced delivery and deployment of innovative business solutions for our clients. At ADP Private Limited (ADP India), the product development team drives the innovation of our products and services with their unique blend of strong technical skills and business acumen. Their work is crucial to our success to be our client’s global strategic partner for their growing portfolio of workforce solutions. In order to serve ADP’s client base, our products use and deploy technologies that include:

Web Technologies | Client Server Technologies | Mainframe Technologies | Communication Technologies | Enterprise Technologies

Solution Center Services (BPO)

The Solution Center Services team focuses on ownership, administration, and management of business processes for clients. These services are based on measurable performance metrics that are effectively leveraged on our in-depth understanding of business domains as well as strong computing infrastructure. Our services cover diverse sets of domains such as payroll processing, benefits administration, tax and financial services, and pre-employment services.

The service delivery can be broadly classified as:

  • Non-Voice Processes: Transaction Processing, Analytics, Data Conversion, Implementation Support etc.
  • Voice Processes: Participant Customer Calls and Client Technical Support; Tier 1 & 2 services

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)

ADP Private Limited (ADP India) provides Remote Infrastructure Management services to ADP’s business units worldwide. RIM is the latest offshore model in which the IT requirements of an organization - in particular the support functions of infrastructure management and maintenance - are dealt remotely. RIM is adapted by ADP, as this mode of service delivery helps in reducing costs by leveraging infrastructure, tools, and resources. ADP deploys sophisticated management tools and standardized frameworks for service delivery, end-to-end management, and support of IT infrastructure at remote locations.

Global Security Organization (GSO)

ADP Private Limited (ADP India) through the Global Security Organization provides data security, compliance with industry and government regulations, and maintenance of the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and operations for ADP, its suppliers, business partners and clients.

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