Philanthropy & Volunteerism

Making a Difference – Locally and Abroad

ADP's success depends on our ability to attract, motivate and retain talented individuals and this leads to our commitment to our corporate, social, and community responsibilities. ADP views Corporate Social Responsibility as an important focus and understands the importance of supporting philanthropic initiatives and programs. Our philanthropic offerings enable associates the choices to participate in various programs and endeavors both locally and abroad.  It is our intention to offer associates numerous ways to be an active part of their communities in which we thrive.

Internal Giving Program

Giving back to our communities is very important to ADP and its participation is reflected in a myriad of ways. From our Annual Workplace Giving Program, our Matching Gift Program and our Disaster Relief efforts, associates play an active role in making a difference.

The Workplace Giving Program is comprised of a variety of charity choices including the United Way, American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Girls Inc., American Cancer Society and Community Health Charities, which features over 60 national health-related agencies. In addition to having the ability to donate to multiple organizations through payroll deductions, associates receive a dollar for dollar match from the ADP Foundation up to $5,000 in the aggregate (annually for each associate).

An ADP associate can also participate in our matching gifts program and can contribute to an accredited and approved nonprofit organization located in the U.S. Dollar for dollar, the ADP Foundation matches up to $3,000 per person per calendar year – an associate’s cash or securities contributions to their favorite organization and thus supports an associate’s personal cause and improves their communities.

The ADP Foundation and its associates also support many humanitarian efforts by offering all associates the opportunities to give donations in the wake of natural catastrophes where an ADP office is located. Our ADP associates have rallied to support those in need outside the U.S. including donations directed to those affected by the earthquakes, tsunamis or other natural disasters. We offer all associates the ability to participate and donate personal funds to an accredited charities directly dealing with the crisis or affected area. Previous events have included:

  •  The 2008 China’s Myanmar Province Earthquake- The combined donations of the associates and its full 100% match resulted in Mercy Corps receiving $131,482 to aid the devastated area.
  • The 2010 Haiti Earthquake- The combined donations of the associates and its full 100% match resulted in our numerous charity partners receiving $554,858 to aid the devastated areas.
  • The 2011 Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami- The combined donations of the associates and its full 100% match resulted in Mercy Corps receiving $325,772 to aid the devastated area.

This past October 2012, ADP and its associates continued to actively support relief efforts in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, which affected more than 30 percent of ADP’s U.S. population who were directly in the path of the storm. The ADP Foundation directly contributed $500,000 to the American Red Cross to help those in the areas of greatest need by supplying items including shelter, water and food. In addition, several ADP locations throughout the Northeast and other parts of the U.S. held food and clothing drives and organized fund raisers to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy.

Community Outreach – Personally Making a Difference

At ADP, we're grateful to all of our associates which is why we are an active part of the communities in which we live, work and thrive. Our associates have the opportunity to give back- either financially or through the use of our volunteer program; an environment has been created where people come together every day to build solutions for a better place to live and work.

ADP Gives on Behalf of Its Associates

For the past few years, ADP and its Foundation have made donations to charities on behalf of its associates during the holiday time frame. ADP is proud to actively address the issue of hunger in America. Since partnering with Feeding America in 2008, the ADP Foundation has donated over $2 million dollars to their network of over 200 food banks and pantries throughout the US. Beginning in 2011, ADP also makes a yearly $250,000 donation to Oxfam International as they work directly with their charity partners and allies around the world to find lasting solutions to assist with poverty and injustice through raising public awareness and education.

ADP’s Volunteer Paid Time-Off Policy

ADP offers its U.S. associates the opportunity to donate their time during work hours through our Volunteer Paid Time-Off Program.  Associates volunteer through team-building activities or as an individual at organizations of their choice.  Last May, ADP launched its Month of Caring Program offering various volunteer opportunities for our associates in numerous ADP locations. Communications were also sent to our Home shored associates offering them multiple charities to donate their time with short-term volunteering stints.  This resulted in over 17,000 hours of associates donating their time and utilizing this program.  In FY13, more than 3,800 associates donated their time to various charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Girls Inc, Special Olympics and Junior Achievement.  These efforts provided more than 28,000 hours of service to our supported non-profit agencies and charity partners. 

ADP‘s Offices Get Involved

 On a local level, associate teams coordinated hundreds of philanthropic and charitable events and programs each year. Some of these included community fund-raising drives and activities and volunteer projects. Such as ADP locations in Illinois collaborated on the ReUse-a-Shoe program and collected over 27 large bags of old tennis shoes. The shoes will be recycled to create new playground, basketball courts, and running track surfaces. In Syracuse, NY a chocolate bar & bake sale raised money to purchase material to make 30 fleece blankets for a local elder care and rehabilitation facility. Three offices in California and an office in Aurora, CO held successful silent auctions and bake sales for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure®.

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